Mattrix announces new WOLED display built on an a-Si LCD backplane. See the new prototype!


OLET enables new features in next-generation displays.

Affordable Premium OLED TV

Prototype built in partnership with JSR

Type: Active Matrix W-OLET Full-Color Display


  • 40% lower cost
    • Manufactured on recycled LCD line
    • Less expensive OLED materials
    • Higher yields
  • Higher brightness
  • Longer product lifetime
  • Gen8+ compatibility


Always-on Mobile Displays

Prototype built in partnership with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Type: Replacement for LTPO pixel architecture used in Apple Watch

Benefits Compared to LTPO:

  • 15% lower cost
  • Higher brightness
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Gen8+ compatibility (Gen6 for LTPO)
  • Variable refresh rate (always-on) with low current leakage


Next-Generation Displays

Automotive and Outdoor Displays

Type: High-Brightness Wrap-Around Displays


  • Sunlight readability via brighter emissive pixels
    • 80% aperture ratio
    • Higher driving current
  • Cost-effect manufacturing of wrap-around displays
    • Enabled by flexible OLET materials

Truly Transparent Displays

Type: Top- and Bottom-Emissive Transparent Displays


  • Vibrant colors
    • Transparent cathode and OLED stack vs current empty window approach
    • 80% emissive area vs current 15%
  • Cost-effective 2-transistor architecture reduces process steps and increases yield

Rollable and Flexible Displays

Type: 100% flexible material stack


  • Mattrix’s OLET device is manufactured using a low-cost flexible organic material
  • Enables truly flexible, transparent displays