Mattrix announces new WOLED display built on an a-Si LCD backplane. See the new prototype!


The Next Evolution in OLED Display Technology

Recycling LCD manufacturing lines for the production of enhanced OLED displays.

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Mattrix’s unique pixel architecture enables brighter, more vibrant OLED displays to be manufactured using conventional LCD backplane facilities, significantly reducing Capex and production costs.

Next Generation Displays

Mattrix’s pixel architecture enables new functions.

New Display Manufacturing Paradigm

Recycling LCD lines for OLED production

40% fewer steps, higher yields

35% cost reduction

Up to Gen 10+

Novel Light Emitting Transistor

Novel Light-Emitting Transistor

  • 3-in-1 optoelectronic device.
  • High BTIS stability.
  • Compatible with all OLED and QD emissive materials.
Simple Pixel Circuit

Simple Pixel Circuit

  • 2 component pixel architecture.
  • High aperture ratio.
  • Bottom (and/or top) emission.
Versatile icon

Versatile Panel Architecture

  • LTPS performance from a-Si backplanes.
  • Transparent and flexible.
  • Easy integration into existing factories.

About Mattrix

Mattrix Technologies is made up of innovative entrepreneurs and scientists that are tackling long-standing industry challenges and making real progress through innovation.

Our IP Portfolio

IP Portfolio

  • 16 U.S. patents;
  • 350 claims
  • Filed in Europe, Korea, China, Japan
Video Prototype


  • 4.7″ W-OLED + CF video demo
  • 5″ FMM RGB-OLED video demo

Prototype award


Scientific Validation

  • Published transparent conducting CNT film in Science
  • Published VOLET in Science


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Kyung Hee University
JSR Corporation
UF Innovate Hub


Mattrix announces new WOLED display built on an a-Si LCD backplane. See the new prototype!

Mattrix Technologies announces a joint development project with JSR for the development of an ultra-bright, cost-effective TV screen.

Mattrix Technologies wins the Best Prototype Award at the 2016 Display Week Industry Conference.