Mattrix announces new WOLED display built on an a-Si LCD backplane. See the new prototype!


Mattrix’s simple OLET technology platform significantly reduces the cost of displays by enabling the manufacturing of OLED displays using recycled LCD manufacturing lines. This is the next evolution in OLED technology.

Recycles LCD Display

Recycles aging LCD display factories

Simplifies AMOLED manufacturing

Simplifies AMOLED manufacturing


More profitable AMOLED display production

AMOLED Displays, LCD Manufacturing

AMOLED is a product differentiator featuring the deepest blacks and most vibrant colors. However, conventional AMOLED manufacturing requires a complex, expensive backplane to drive the emissive OLED frontplane.

Mattrix circumvents what is known as the “AMOLED backplane problem” and allows LCD-TFT array lines to be recycled for AMOLED manufacturing.

AMOLED: Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode

Backplane: This circuitry supplies current to the pixel and acts as the pixel’s internal “dimmer switch”

Frontplane: Converts electrical current to light

AMOLED Backplane Problem

Conventional OLED Pixel

A Simpler, Brighter Pixel

Mattrix has designed a new, simple pixel architecture using an innovative light-emitting transistor.

Conventional AMLCD

Conventional AMLCD

Conventional AMOLED

Conventional OLED pixel

This simple and highly efficient emissive pixel is enabled by Mattrix’s proprietary OLET (Organic Light-Emitting Transistor) technology:

  • Same simple backplane as AMLCD
  • Up to 3x increase in emissive aperture ratio
  • Highly stable light emission

OLET: the next evolution of OLED

Conventional OLED Frontplane
AMOLED Frontplane

The conventional OLED simply emits light and requires a separate complex backplane to control the drive current.

Mattrix's OLET Frontplane
OLET Frontplane graphic

Mattrix’s OLET combines current control with light emission by integrating 3 components into one highly stable device

  • drive transistor
  • storage capacitor
  • light-emitting stack

Versatile Low-Cost Manufacturing

25% Reduction in Manufacturing Costs


Low cost OLED materials. Compatible with next generation emissives.


Uses recycled LCD-TFT manufacturing lines. Accelerates adoption of inkjet printing and roll-2-roll processing


Leverages mature manufacturing: Fewer steps. Higher yields.

Performance Benefits of AMOLET Displays

Reduced Image Sticking

Reduced Image Sticking

High Brightness and Contrast

Highest Brightness & Contrast

Fully Transparent

Fully Transparent

Longer Lifetime

Longer Lifetime

Truly Bendable

Truly Bendable

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