Mattrix announces new WOLED display built on an a-Si LCD backplane. See the new prototype!


4.7″ full-color active matrix display

  • White-OLED plus RGB Color-Filter
  • Amorphous-Silicon LCD TFT backplane
  • Bottom Emission, >50% aperture ratio
  • 320xRGBx240
  • Brightness: >500Cd/m2
  • Contrast: 1,000,000:1

Introducing the world’s first WOLET display built on an a-Si LCD backplane.

This full-color, active-matrix WOLET display is built on an LCD backplane as a proof of concept for an affordable OLED TV panel. The Mattrix organic light-emitting transistor technology simplifies the manufacturing process and allows large LCD-TFT lines (Gen 8+) to be repurposed for premium OLED TV production. The large aperture ratio of Mattrix’s proprietary pixel architecture allows for brighter displays, longer-lasting products, and flexible & transparent form factors.